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Ternopil city, Ukraine
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The private clinic of aesthetic stomatology of Proshchyn in Ukraine invites You!

   The Proshchyns Clinic of Modern Dentistry was founded in 1998. The founders are Mykhaylo and Oksana PROSHCHYN, graduates of Kiev O.O. Bohomolets Medical Institute of 1984. PROSHCHYN Mykhaylo Ivanovych is the honoured Doctor of Ukraine, member of the Association of Oral Implantologists of Ukraine, head of Ternopil regional centre of the Association of Oral Implantologists of Ukraine, member of ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), dentist of the highest qualification category.
   PROSHCHYN Oksana Yaroslavivna is a member EOS (European Association of Orthodontists), a member of the Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine, chairman of regional member of the Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine, dentist-orthodontist of the highest qualification category.
Open, genuine smile gives us a lot: uplifting, establishes contacts and opens the door and building a career, improves health and increases efficiency. They say: "Beauty will save the world." And who will save beauty?
In Ternopil, friendly and talented family of dentists Mykhaylo and Oksana PROSHCHYN founded The Proshchyns Clinic of Modern Dentistry.
   What does “comfortable treatment” in The Proshchyns Clinic of Modern Dentistry means becomes obvious, entering it.
The first thing that draws your attention is a special atmosphere. There is no hints at medical establishment. Exclusive design, thought to detail, calm colours palette, lots of light, flowers, friendly and courteous staff. Atmosphere of warmth, comfort and friendliness is dominant here. Good impressions are increased with continuously playing calm music. Impressive “wall with diplomas” shows a systematic increase of qualification of the clinic personnel.
Another feature is that any visitor is not remained without attention even for a moment: doctor, assistant and administrator always stay with him.
Here not only man, but also his time is appreciated. Reception is organized in such a way that none of the patients is pending.
   All this helps to ensure that the patient does not feel discomfort during the treatment process. Philosophy of The Proshchyns Clinic of Modern Dentistry and the main priorities of treatment are the following:
1.  complex individual multidisciplinary approach to creation of an aesthetic smile and health of each patient with a reasonable treatment plan;
2.  orientation on family therapy;
3.  providing all types of dental care:
     • orthodontics;

     • implantology;
     • treatment of temporomandibular joint disfunction;
     • creation of an ideal occlusion and facial aesthetics;
     • teeth treatment and restoration;
     • prosthetics;
     • occupational hygiene and prevention of dental diseases.
It is very easy to become the patient of the clinic. Coming to us, a man should make diagnostic X-ray pictures – OPTG, teleroentgenogram, take a session of professional care and consult the chief doctor PROSHCHYN M.I.
During the consultation the patient receives short but meaningful information about dental diseases and methods of its treatment, participates in the discussion of the state of his mouth cavity and teeth and receives information about possible treatment methods. Only then he can start complex treatment that is conducted by professional team of doctors on the basis of narrow specialization.
Clinic is 12 years old and during this period its own philosophy, which differs from the others, was formed:
     - We do not treat a single tooth, isolated from the system, but make the entire system healthy;
     - We do not fix jaws deformation, acquired by the patient, with our prosthetic work. At first we fix them on the orthodontic base and then conduct a full aesthetic teeth restoration;
The clinic is located in central downtown Ternopil and occupies two floors; total area is 250 square meters. Now clinic has five treatment rooms, X-ray room, operating unit, sterilization room, reception, administration, comfortable spacious halls and rest rooms for employees.
Equipped with the dental units are of German manufacturer Sirona Dental Systems, a surgical unit OsseoSet 100, X-ray devices: orthopantomograph Ortoralix 9200 with the teleroentgenography function and sighting GENDEX 765 DC, autoclaves: Euroklav 23 VS and Siroclave B, demineralization water system MELAdem 47 and apparatus for packaging sterile packages Euroseal 2001.

 - Restoring the lost teeth, we do not make dental prostheses, basing on healthy living teeth, because this requires their mechanical damage, as we believe this is illusion of quality dental treatment, instead we widely use the method of dental implantation;
- We provide the highest level of dental treatment safety and protection against cross-infection, which lays on a thorough sterilization of instruments and dental handpieces, equipment disinfect before taking each patient.
We are honest with the patient.
Our professional doctors destroy old stereotypes and change understandings of modern aesthetic dentistry. New approaches to treatment are based on the philosophy of diseases prevention, conservation philosophy, when the main task of the doctor is not restoration or prosthesis, but organization of the interaction with the patient so that he could prevent diseases of his teeth. This is prevention of diseases and dentition preservation. Timely health control and timely response to the problems.
Principles of clinic work are based on three pillars: dentition preservation, prevention of diseases as well as complex and high-quality treatment in accordance with international standards.
Our biggest values   are people: patients, employees and partners.
   Using knowledge and skills, we provide our patients with the necessary information to properly assessment of their own health state and self-selection of the variants of dental treatment they need. Healthy teeth are not the privileges but the right of every person from birth and we help to realize this right.   
   We respect and love people, who work with us. We share with them our knowledge to have our own medical character in the clinic. We have an excellent team that shares our philosophy and style. Staff members are professional, demanding to themselves and excellent specialists.
Our doctors are the members of numerous national and international specialized professional associations:
• European Association of Orthodontists (EOS);
• International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI);
• Dental Association of Ukraine;
• Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine;
• Association of Oral Implantologists of Ukraine;
• Association of Periodontists of Ukraine;
• Association of Endodontology Specialists of Ukraine.
It is proved that in medicine there are no better dentition defects removals or teeth restoration by their full absence than with dental implants. Teeth, set on implants, function, look and felt by a man like his own. Today it is scientifically confirmed that implantation is the most predictable method in dentistry. Implant treatment has its own traditions, trust and predictability.

   Orthodontics as a specialty is a combination of science and art.
In our clinic, approach to orthodontic treatment is complex, multi-faceted and individual. We work with the whole team to, completing treatment, obtain not only functionally correct results, but also aesthetically correct person’s profile, using the latest treatment technologies and methods, diagnostics and prevention of dentoalveolar anomalies, regardless of the patient’s age.
Under the present conditions, private dental clinic combines business and medicine. But in the The Proshchyns Clinic of Modern Dentistry everything is done to ensure that priorities are medicine and the interests of patients and after that – business.
The clinic can be successful only if every patient feels care and suffers as little stress as possible, when provided assistance will be the best that medicine can offer.
The Proshchyns Clinic of Modern Dentistry respects and appreciates its patients, because thanks to them we can hold high European treatment standards in Ukraine. We confidently argue that present day of medicine is a scientific approach, perfect management and exceptional quality.    
Health is one of the priority needs. Our mission is to help our patients to preserve and increase their primary resource – the HEALTH and with this conviction we look to the future.
     We believe in what we do!

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